Research Promotion

To promote research culture amongst students and faculty members college consistently takes initiative to organise college/ state/ national level seminars/ workshops/ conferences/ FDP’s. A summarised list is as follows:


1. National Seminar on ‘Nari Bimb.’
2. One day Workshop on ‘How to Perform Yajna.’
3. FDP ‘How to use Interactive Boards.’


1. National Seminar on ‘Madhya Kaleen Punjabi Sahitya Chintan’
2. One day Workshop on ‘How to Perform Yajna.’
3. FDP ‘How to use Interactive Boards.’


1. FDP ‘How to use Interactive Boards and prepare PPT’.


1. Two days workshop on ‘Moral Values’.
2. Two days workshop on ‘Martial Art in Self Defence’.
3. One day State level conference on ‘Beti Suraksha—Samsya aur samadhan’


1. National Seminar in Psychology. ‘Problems and Challenges in Counselling in Present Scenario’.
2. National Seminar in English on ‘Problems of Teaching English in Semi-urban and Rural Areas’.
3. Three days State Level workshop on ‘Vedic Chintan’.
4. One week workshop on ‘Basics of Computers’.
5. One week FDP on ‘How to use interactive Boards’.


1. National Seminar on latest Development in ICT: Social Networking and its security.
2. State level workshop on Teaching and Learning Process.
3. Three days Vedic Chintan workshop for students and staff.
4. Three weeks workshop on Basics of computer for staff under faculty development programme.
5. Two days workshop on Yajna for Students.
6. Two days workshop for self defence (Martial Arts) for students.


1. On 20-02-2016, National Seminar sponsored by ICSSR, P.U. Chandigarh. On the topic: Legal Literacy- A Dire Need for Women.
2. On 10-03-2016, National Workshop sponsored by DGHE, Haryana. On the topic: Gender Sensitisation for Social Equilibrium.
3. On 30-02-2016, National Seminar sponsored by DGHE, Haryana. On the topic: Human Resources and Economic Development in India.
4. On 21-09-2015, Workshop organised by NSS on the topic: Blood Donation.
5. On 22-12-2015, Hawan Workshop organised by Arya Yuwati Parishad. On the topic: How to perform Yojna.


1. One Day National Seminar sponsored by DGHE, Panchkula, on the topic – “Issues and Challenges of sustaining Green and Clean Environment”.
2. One Day State Level Exhibition-cum-seminar sponsored by DGHE, Panchkula on the subject “Tourism and Culture of Haryana-A Journey of 50 years”.
3. College Level Workshop for teaching and non-teaching staff on the topic “Basics of Computer and Digital Banking”.


1. 11-11-2007 to 16-12-2017: Computer Workshop organised by College to impart Computer Training to staff members.
2. 30-1-2018: One Day National Seminar sponsored by DGHE, Panchkula on the topic ‘Responsibility of Media in Modern Times’.
3. 6 to 7-2-2018: Inter District Science Exhibition sponsored by DGHE, Panchkula.