Bachelor of Tourism Management

Bachelor of Tourism Management

The degree of Bachelor of Tourism Management has huge scope in the field of hospitality, aviation, travel and hotels and other related service fields such as events, conferences & exhibitions management and organization.

Subjects offered in B.T.M.

B.T.M. I Semester

BTM101 English (Compulsory)

BTM102 Hindi (Compulsory)

BTM103 Business Environment for Tourism

BTM104 Introduction to Tourism

BTM105 Tourism Product of India (Natural)

BTM106 Tourism Product of India (Cultural)

B.T.M. II Semester

BTM201 English (Compulsory)

BTM202 Hindi (Compulsory)

BTM203 Geography of Tourism

BTM204 Transport Management

BTM205 Tourism Documentation

BTM206 Haryana Tourism

B.T.M. III Semester

BTM301 English (Compulsory)

BTM302 Tourism in India

BTM303 Hotel Business

BTM304 HRM in Tourism

BTM305 Computer Applicatins in Tourism

BTM306 Communication skills and Personality Development

Field- Trip Report & VIVA-VOCE

B.T.M. IV Semester

BTM401 English

BTM402 Pilgrimage Tourism

BTM403 Principles of Management

BTM404 Tourism Marketing

BTM405 An Introduction to Travels Agency & Tour operations Business in India

BTM406 Communicative English

B.T.M. V Semester

BTM501 English

BTM502 Impacts of Tourism

BTM503 Accounting for Tourism

BTM504 Sustainable Tourism

BTM505 Entrepreneurship in Tourism

BTM506 International Tourism

*On-the-job training Report & VIVA-VOCE

B.T.M. VI Semester

BTM601 English

BTM602 Tourism Administration in India

BTM603 Economics of Tourism

BTM604 Adventure Tourism

BTM605 Tourist Guiding

BTM606 Salesmanship in Tourism

It is compulsory for the students admittd in BTM to go to an educational trip organised by the college in the record year of programme. Students prepare and submit the detail report of the trip in the college and a Viva-Voce of 100 marks is conducted.

In second year students undertake 42 days training in any tourism Institute or Agency out of College and submit on the job training report in the college. A Viva-voce of 100 marks is conducted in third year. This training can be arranged by the college or students themselves.

BTM, B.Com. Vocational (Computer Application), B.A. (Vocational) English UG programmes are job oriented. Students get good jobs with the efforts of college.